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Your machine is superb! It will certainly do the job it was intended for with excellence. It is well made, easy to use, small, and light enough that anyone can use it. Why it is not recommended or even mentioned by every primary doctor is beyond me. Used properly, the user can feel the results after the first use and start to reap the benefits shortly thereafter.

Oscar L Morris
Garland, TX 75040 USA

I have found the IGRIP easy to use, and have observed signifcantly better tone and definition in my upper body in the last few months since starting the routine. In addition, your customer service is outstanding. The quick response and friendly service is what all companies should strive for. I will gladly recommend your product for anyone wishing to use Isometric training.

Thank you,
R Campbell
St Petersburg, FL
I ordered your Igrip about a month ago and LOVE it! I was just wondering if you have any type of exercise plan laid out as to how many sets of each exercise on your poster should be done on what day? rest periods (days) between muscles worked? What exercises should be done together on what days?
Received the IGRIP today - thank you so much! My son now has it to take with him to Afghanistan. I really appreciate your great service. Thanks!

Wendy Birmingham, Missouri
I liked the first one so much, I want one for my wife.
To differentiate, the Silver color works best for this. Thanks for a solid product & service.

I was very impressed with the IGRIP in use. Ingenious. I will do a proper review in a few days.
Thanks for the excellent service. I might
order one for a friend for Christmas at some point.
United Kingdom
I received an IGRIP today.
I can train easily and smoothly because I do not have to count while I train isometrically.
Thank you for the good device.
I am looking forward to the release of IGRIP related products.
Yukio Kikuta, Japan
I received my IGRIP about 3 weeks ago and my strength gain is incredible. Isometrics really works and I love the ability to measure regulate the applied force to every exercise. Great product!
Bill Withers, England
To whom it may concern, I received the igripup and it is great ..
Steven Beer, Florida
I love this product. I've had a Bullworker for years, but the lack of measurement had been a total frustration. Your product is fantastic. I can do all but the lower body stuff (which I never did with the Bullworker anyway).
Raul Sagund
As some feedback - the Igrip is indeed well made. Nothling loose or flimsy.
After the training I feel a certain pump but so far hardly any muscle ache, which usually indicates that the muscles were trained properly and that a certain growth was stimulated.
My first impression of the IGrip is very good.
Christian - Singapore
Good job on the I-GRIP, I've been consistently using the last 6 weeks and like the benefits. Feeling stronger and a bit more flexibility.
Ron Pimentel, Turlock, CA
I just got my igrip from hammacher schlemmer and really, really like it!
Would you ever consider doing a model that when you push and hold down the timer button the timer duration increases rather than this model where you have to push the timer each time you want a duration increase?

David S
Bloomfiel Hills, MI
Thank you, I understand that the exercise video is not to work along with, but it shows proper ways to do the different excercises and I am so far loving the Igrip just not having to use my mini netbook to view how to do them.
Bruce Strong
Being a long time fan of isometric training(prob 25 yrs) I have always been interested in the possibility of a training device that can accurately measure the users force. Unfortunately, a lack of tools and engineering skills has meant I have never been able to construct such a device (nothing of merit anyway).
I stumbled across your website by accident whilst using google to search for isometric training devices.
Sally, my partner, ordered your device for me, which I'm really looking forward to.
You've put together a very well polished website by the way. It is obvious the amount of work and time you've put into this. I wish you and your product every success.
Martin, United Kingdom
It is a pity that the IGrip is not as well known as the
bullworker or other similar isometric devices.
I, by accident, ran into your Web site, and
that was the manner I found out about the IGrip.
I am very happy with it!

The only set back that I see in it, is that there is not
much that you can do to strength your legs with the Igrip.
For the upper body conditioning I give the Igrip a 10.
Overall I rate it with an 8.
Guillermo Stevens S.

Was pleasantly surprised to find my Igrip on the porch as I arrived home from my walk today. What quick prompt reliable service! I was anxious to open it and start using it right away. I was very impressed with the Igrip. I covered the chart and implemented quite a few more movements (exercises) that I have used from my over 40 years experience with the Bullworker. Many of the exercises adapt very well to the utility of the Igrip.
To say the least, I am very impressed with the product, I was especially impressed with the sturdiness and size of the Igrip. Am looking forward to making the Igrip a part of my regular exercise routine.
Thank you!
William M. Batovsky
The IGRIP is great!!!! I have been using it almost everyday and I see some results already.
Thank you,
Marlon Hillard
Keep up the good work! I rarely endorse work out products but this is a great idea :)
Shanelle Dyer Parry
The Igrip has transformed my handshake from 'firm' to 'crush'. Portable, convenient, effective. Highly recommended...
Brendan Barrett
Love this product... it's definitely toned my upper body. I could feel a difference in my arms within the first 2 days of using it.
Nicki LaCroix
This product is AWESOME!!! i don't know what i would do without this product in my exercise routine. In just 4-6 weeks i saw amazing results. I have tried lots of other workout products and this one has all of them beat! Thank you Igrip.
Jason Zappala
The Igrip is great! Plain and simple. I get such a great workout using it and I highly recommend it!
Joseph Doetsch
IGrip has helped me keep track of my progress in strength the past four weeks, it's a great product and I intend to keep it part of my daily workout routine.
Anthony Paglia
I love Igrip! Best product around! Couldn't do with out it! Everyone needs to try it!
Paloma Maria Cano

I incorporated the IGRIP into my workout routine at Gold's gym with incrediable results. I do isometric sets (targeting the same muscles) in between my weight lifting sets. When I started, my maximum or peak force on the bicep exercise was 62 LBS. In 1 months time my peak force has increased to 94 LBS.

I get a great pump and love the fact that I can precisely measure my strength gain. Thank you...

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