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The IGRIP provides the feedback necessary to workout Anytime, Anyplace. The user can utilize the muscles of their body to create resistance in the same manner as lifting weights. The IGRIP provides the user 3 types of exercise to maximize effort and achieve dramatic results.

Static Contraction
The user assumes the traditional isometric pose, sets the timer for 7 or more seconds and applies force while in a stationary (static) position. The range of motion is focused directly on the muscle eliminating the need for multiple reps.

Progressive Contraction
The user assumes the traditional static contraction pose making sure the display screen is in full view. The timer is set for 20 seconds. Initiate the exercise with a comfortable resistance and increase the force 5 lbs. every 5 seconds. For example, if the user starts at 20 lbs., they would complete the contraction during the elapsed time at 35 lbs.

Mobile Contraction
The user assumes an exercise pose (see Fitness Chart) and sets the timer for 20 seconds. The user initiates movement to incorporate the full extension of the muscle. This exercise is performed similar to reps in traditional weight lifting

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