Isometric Grip

The   following   isometric    exer-
cises involve contracting your muscles without movement of the body. The range of motion is focused directly on the muscle, eliminating the need for multiple reps. Just apply the appropriate tension to the IGRIP for 7 or more seconds and dramatically increase your strength!

Assume the traditional static contraction pose making sure the display screen is in full view. Set the timer for 20 seconds. Initiate the exercise with a comfortable resistance and increase the force 5 lbs. every 5 seconds. For example, if you start at 20 lbs., you would increase to 25 lbs. after 5 seconds, 30 lbs. after 10 seconds, and finally 35 lbs. after 15 seconds. If properly performed, the average force displayed equals 7 lbs. more than the initial force applied.
This exercise incorporates the same isometric principals of applied force and time, but also includes a range of motion to exercise and strengthen the entire muscle. For example, set the timer for 20 seconds and assume the Chest Pose. Apply force and slowly extend your arms away from your body and draw them back to your chest. Try to repeat 5 times in 20 seconds while maintaining the applied force.

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